Our clients make creation and preservation of family wealth a priority. Trowbridge Haywood has the experience and expertise to ensure alignment of your wealth management decisions today with your personal vision for tomorrow.


Our Principals

Always Listen Earn Trust Over Time Value Relationships Over Transactions Focus On The Future And Act With Purpose Putting Family First Is Always Good Business

At Trowbridge Haywood we think in generations. We believe the family business exists to support the business family. Our focus is on relationships, not transactions. We work to build trust over time.  We are committed to understanding your vision for your family, your business and your community.

“They simply could not have been more effective in helping our team.” Barbara Rae, Order of Canada, Order of BC, Former Chancellor of SFU


Our Process

ask the right questions evaluate the answers define your personal vision for success explain our methods and strategies integrate with your existing financial initiatives balance short-term needs with long-term goals

We take time to listen and understand in order to effectively plan, execute and implement an appropriate course of action. Our process is collaborative.  We combine well-established financial management practices and our own proprietary strategies to develop wealth management plans tailored to deliver short-term needs and long-term goals. We stick to what we know best, in concert with your other advisors.

“When it comes to effective charitable strategies the Trowbridge Haywood team deliver exactly what they promise.” Rusty Goepel, Sr. VP Raymond James, Chair VANOC 2010,


Our People

Our team of professionals are sensitive to the unique needs of our clients and understand the importance of respectful discretion. With a wealth of experience in the industry and a long track record of success, our advisors focus on our core strengths to do what we do best – help our clients align their long term plans with their long term goals and achieve their unique vision of success.

“The results have been nothing less than spectacular.” Alan F. Wolrige, CA, Co-Founder Wolrige Mahon LLP

Robert Trowbridge


Through more than five decades in life insurance and financial services, Robert Trowbridge has served as a consultant to many of British Columbia’s most prominent families. Formerly an Agency Manager with North American Life, a Regional Executive Manager with Canada Life and founder of The Trowbridge Financial Network – acquired in 2004 by Worldsource Wealth Management – where Mr. Trowbridge served as President and subsequently Chairman of WIN (Worldsource Insurance Network )

Creator of the Gift Builder charitable insured annuity program, where dozens of donors give several million annually to good causes and creator of the Foundation Builder program, designed for shareholders of private corporations.

A Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) since 1978 and a member of Society of Tax and Estate Planners since 2013, Mr. Trowbridge has served on boards of the Vancouver Cantata Singers, The Vancouver Opera and The Terminal City Club. He currently serves on The Board of Governors of The Club at Morningside in Rancho Mirage California.

Robert Trowbridge has served in numerous capacities in the Sovereign Order of St John and is Prior Emeritus for Canada of that organization.

A frequent industry speaker on charitable programs, agency building and leadership, Robert has been married to Judy since 1972 and has 4 children and 3 grandchildren. He is an avid golfer at Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club in Vancouver and at The Club at Morningside in California.

David Haywood


David began his career in financial services in 2002, working at a major financial planning firm. David’s skills in modelling financial outcomes in corporate and business family contexts are invaluable. He has a unique ability to make the complex simple. In addition, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in insurance and employee benefits.

David resides in Vancouver with his wife Keri and their two sons, Luke and TJ. Among his philanthropic efforts, he is most proud of founding Bridging the Gap, a program designed to feed and help Vancouver’s poor and homeless. An avid brewer, David is in his seventh term as treasurer for the Vancouver Homebrewers Association.

Michael Haywood


Michael Haywood began practicing law in 1982 at the Vancouver firm Ladner Downs. He later joined Canada Life as in-house counsel advising in the areas of tax and estate planning for their major clients across western Canada.

Since 2000 Michael has worked independently of any single financial institution, advising business families and professionals on insurance and estate planning issues.

Michael has long been sought out by industry peers to assist on their most complex cases. Michael and his wife Heather split their time between Vancouver, Pemberton and Palm Desert. He is an avid skier and cyclist, but, while a keen golfer, is nowhere near as proficient as his partner, Bob.

Since asking Bob Trowbridge to review my life insurance in 1998, he and I have worked as a team to create genuinely innovative insurance and annuity programs for both my personal and corporate scenarios. Results have been nothing less than spectacular.

Bob's strength is in his ability to surround himself with talented people; administrative, accounting and legal professionals who understand tax, and listen to the needs of clients. Bob quarterbacks an all-star team of Vancouver's most capable tax and estate planners; specialists who create investment cash flow, minimize tax and enhance opportunities for philanthropy.

ALAN F. WOLRIGE CA, Co-Founder of Wolrige-Mahon LLP Chartered Accountants 

When it comes to effective charitable strategies Bob Trowbridge and his team deliver exactly what they promise.

In 2002 Bob let me know about 'Gift Builder', an annuity concept which could enable "donor friendly" fundraising for The Canadian Diabetes Association. I understand that ongoing donations from the Trowbridge Gift Builder programs now exceed $1,200,000 for various good causes and I'm delighted that Canadian Diabetes stepped up, did our due diligence, and instituted the program.

RUSTY GOEPEL, Senior Vice President Raymond James Ltd., Member - VANOC Board of Directors 

Business families who are serious about their charitable initiatives and preservation of wealth could benefit from some of the innovative concepts developed by life insurance professionals.

Advisors today need to listen carefully to clients, be consistently responsive and do their homework to tailor recommendations that fit.

We’ve worked with the team at Trowbridge Haywood for a number of years now and we’re genuinely pleased with the outcomes.

KEN HALLAT, Founder of Novas Capital, PlanetClean and several other companies 

Like every charity, Greater Vancouver Boys and Girls Clubs has to be proactive to make certain our great cause earns its fair share of philanthropic support.

In 2002 we took the time to meet with Bob Trowbridge to understand how his "Gift Builder" programs had created an ongoing flow of planned giving support for several Vancouver based charities concerned with health care and the arts. We set up our program with the support of several key donors and results have been gratifying as promised.

TERRY HOLLAND, CEO Krystal Financial and Past Chair of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Vancouver Foundation

The Trowbridge Haywood team has brought several tax-advantageous concepts to our attention over the past decade.

Business owners and professionals who seek advice in the areas of insurance, investment and philanthropy will be very likely to appreciate their low-key approach.


Bob Trowbridge gave full support to the committee for the It's Her Game SFU campaign for which we used the Annuity program. He simply could not have been more effective in helping our team to understand the concept and to make it happen. Happily, the women's sports programs are still benefiting from annual contributions through the Annuities provided as long as I live.

BARBARA RAE, Former Chancellor of Simon Fraser University 

Ultimately, true philanthropy comes from the heart and not from a desire to avoid taxes. That being said, a smart, tax-efficient gift plan, not only makes financial sense, but it allows a donor to have an impact for good beyond what they may have thought was possible. Many people have philanthropic dreams, but don't realize they can turn their dreams into reality.

Having worked with Bob Trowbridge before, I appreciate both his expertise in structuring a gift as well as his ability to recognize why people want to give. Bob's expertise means that he can distill the complicated into something that makes sense, and his empathy with his clients comes naturally as he too is committed to organizations that are important in his own life.

Working in the not-for-profit sector, the goal is to help people make a difference in the lives of others. Working with Trowbridge Haywood makes that goal easier to reach.

TRACY CROMWELL, Director of Development & Marketing, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre

My involvement as Chair of Pacific Parkinson's Research Institute (PPRI) caused me to reconnect with Bob Trowbridge around 2002. Bob and I used to tee it up a few times a year at Shaughnessy in the eighties and nineties but I've become pretty busy and don't seem to get out to the links quite so often these days.

It was in 2002 that Bob was the catalyst in creating a planned giving program called "Gift Builder" for PPRI which endures to this day as a source of annual "donor friendly" contributions to our vital cause. While insurance and annuities can be powerful fund raising tools, their features and undeniable advantages can seem complex and murky to the uninitiated. Bob and his team provide clarity and dedicated service; any worthwhile charity would be well advised to hear the "Gift Builder" story.

DALE PARKER, Chair of Pacific Parkinson's Research Institute (PPRI) 

The team at Trowbridge Haywood understands the needs of high net worth individuals and businesses.
Since meeting with Trowbridge Haywood in 2010 their innovative, well researched concepts have had
a positive impact on my corporate and charitable initiatives.


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